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Selmer Piccolos

To complement the new range of Selmer Flutes, Selmer has spent years developing a new line of piccolos and is excited to now share these with you.

Every Selmer piccolo is professionally set up, play-tested, and adjusted by our outstanding team of technicians at the Conn-Selmer Center for Woodwind Excellence located in Elkhart, Indiana.

SPC301 Engraving Extreme Close Up

Reimagined for the Modern Player

For over 135 yrs Selmer has been making the highest quality woodwind instruments in the world. Fueled by passion and dedication to musicians everywhere, Selmer continues to be the leader in woodwind design and innovation.

Selmer's commitment to quality and innovation has ensured that each instrument delivers the best performance experience, whether in the practice room or on stage. For better first notes, practice sessions, rehearsals, and performances, you don't just need an instrument, You need a Selmer.

Selmer - We Make Legends.

SPC Headjoint

Hand-cut Wave Headjoint

Each Selmer piccolo provides an easy response, a rich and expressive tone, and evenness through all registers, thanks to its beautifully designed and hand-cut wave headjoint.

SPC Pointed Keys

Silver-plated Keywork

Consistent on each model, the action of the silver-plated keywork is light, fast, and fluid with carefully adjusted spring tensions.

Lucien Pads

Detailed Craftsmanship

The conical bore, combined with the carefully designed tone hole system creates an incredibly in-tune piccolo with wonderful homogeneity and resonance.

A Level for All Players

Whether you are a student just beginning your musical journey or a seasoned professional needing the richest sound for the world's orchestral venues, there is a Selmer Piccolo for you.


Selmer SPC301 Piccolos

This series is an excellent option for students and aspiring musicians. The Grenadite headjoint allows the SPC301 Selmer Piccolo to provide a response and tone unlike any other student piccolo on the market.


Selmer SPC411 Piccolos

The new intermediate SPC411 piccolos offer extreme durability and protection from humidity and atmospheric changes thanks to a proprietary blend of 6 different materials we call Grenadite.


Selmer SPC711 Piccolos

Featuring a rich, sonorous tone with added stability and reliability due to its seasoned Grenadilla headjoint and body, the SPC711 Selmer Piccolo is an excellent option for both aspiring and professional musicians.